Chameleon Motorhomes New Rear Slideout

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Chameleon Motorhomes one of the leading motorhomes manufacturers has launched a very unique design in the motorhome history. Chameleon Motorhomes introduced a very new feature which led to increase in the interior space of Chameleon RV. Chameleon Motorhomes have always strived to give something new and better for their users. This time they have tried to solve the regular problem of accommodating four persons for sleeping in small motorhomes. Chameleon Motorhomes have traced this problem by manufacturing an RV which has rear slideout this rear slideout gives a double bed that easily accommodates 4 or more persons. This easy to slide slideout even increases the interior room for its users.

This alteration is inspired from Fiat Ducato and Mercedes Sprinter LWB bottom vans. This model also proves to be a tough contender to Mercedes and other brands. The user will have to first open the standard rear doors then he can easily pull the slideout. When the RV is on road running then the slide should be in and the rear doors can be locked and shut. This RV will help the users to park even in parking lots with very less space.

The rear double beds begin from ahead dinning area seats. These seats are modifiable that is they can be removed if the user wants to carry more luggage in the front.

This RV has created a history n this segment and the manufacturer hopes for better sales because of the luxury features added to this RV.

Features include
  • 110 refrigerator in the kitchen.
  • LCD in the living and rear area.
  • Methanol EFOY fuelled fuel tankĀ  which is option to this engine.
  • Safety features.

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